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Dear Visitor!


Dear Visitor....the residents of Sur welcome you with open arms!

We would like you to experience "Hungary's best-situated village", which fact has now been made official by a nationwide poll. Our village awaits you in wonderful surroundings provided by nature, enveloping forests, fresh, clean air, comfortable lodgings and - most of all - the great hospitility of the locals.

Sur - our picturesque little village - is located in western Hungary, in the foothills of the Bakony Mountains. It is a favorite destination for those who love the quietude of forests, pristine air, and the variery of activities provided by its lakes. The village is easily reachable by good paved roads, and it also boasts several, well-maintainted trourist paths through the forests and lands. The Bakony Mountains are historic and full of exciting legends (some even true!) of Robyn Hood-type bandits of yore; they were called "betyars", who took from the rich and - mostly - kept it. Tales and folk songs commemorate their deeds (and misdeeds) from the 19th century. They hid out in the near-impenetrable forests and gorges where gandarmes feared to tread. But now, these woods are safe and gorgeous. They are also full of wild life, from a variety of birds, to stags, deer, wild boar, foxes, hares, pheasant and even an occasional linx. The forest are nationally protected lands, brimming with all sorts of oak, beech, pine and a rare maple. On your wanderings, you may cause a stag to leap from its hiding place by a stream and disappear into the woods. Just outside the village, in the forest - with easy access on good hiking paths - is the "hunter's lodge" where a weary traveler can stop for a rest.

Of course, the forests also provide an ideal place for hunting, should that be of interest. And for those who prefer quieter activities, the fishing lake of Súr is a real paradise. Some may call it a "pond", but when the season is plenty with rain, its surface can reach over 10 acres. The lake can be approached on foot, bike or by car from the center of the village. The shore is well cared for, it is grassy, and it provides rain huts in inclement weather, and barbeque possibilties on warm sunny days; it even has small stages jutting into the lake for the ease of fishermen. There are log cabins scattered about the lake shore, some of which offer rustic lodging possibilities. Night lighting has been installed for the added pleasure of night fishing.
For those who enjoy exciting views, Súr has something special to offer. From the village center, only a short walk takes you up to the old "abbey vineyards row" (dating back a hundred years), where many individual vineyards gaze west to the warming sun. With luck, the thirsty traveler may even meet a hospitable winemaker who will invite him in for a glass of his own wine. From the top of the "vineyard row", fabulous views present themselves towards the Bakony Mountains;, on a clear day, the visitor can see nearly a hundred miles. In addition to all the activities we've discussed, one can take bicycle tours, play tennis, basketball, handball or even kick the siccerball around on some grassy field. There is a lovely childrens' playground, surrounded by over-one-hundred-year-old chestnut trees, the "fruit" of which - while inedible - can be played withi in numerous ways. In the spring, these fields are dressed with breathtaking, snow-white flower cover. Nearby is the "Event and Free-Time Park", available for family gatherings, offering fitness equipment, ping-pong tables; atmospheric candelebra-lighting has been installed, so even after dark, the events can continue.

Year-around, the village organizes various special activities, such as "Come-bury -the-winter Day", "Village Day", "Winefest Day", "Village Christmas" and others. On these days, there are regional foodfests, local wines on offer, games, music (often live bands), dancing and other entertainment for the whole family. One can go on horse-and-buggy rides on local dirt roads and into the forest.

As if all this was not enough, the village offers historical and architectural interests as well. Did you know that Súr existed as early as 1400s? And even before that, there is evidence of a Roman settlement here, 2,000 years ago? Occasionally, a lucky traveler may find old Roman coins. The baroque-style Catholic church dates back to 1785. It was beautifully renovated in 2010. The Evangelical Lutheran) church has a 12 bell Carillon, playing its tunes all day.

Near this church is the central square, which offers the weary traveler a place to rest in its park, near the "Tree of Life", an artistic depiction of the history of the village. The styles of the benches hark back to the past of Súr as a coal-mining town. If you've happened to miss the hour of the day indicated by the carillon, you can catch up on the passing of time on our sundial. Finally, there are many possibilites for lodging in our village. The most special is the "Kokas-tanya", a country B-and-B, which has an adjunct house in the village with a swimming pool. Its accomodations include a mongolian yurta...imagine that! There is also a youth hostel and other accomodations for groups.
Once you are in the neighborhood of Sur, there are many fascinating things to see and visit in our vicinity. Súr - being in the corner of a tri-county area (Komárom-Esztergom, Veszprém and Fejér counties) - the area is rich in worthy sights to visit. For example, within a 30 km radius, you can find several ancient forts and ruins, mountain top viewing places, the wine region of Mor and many other points of interest.
So, whether you like a quiet rest, or fishing, perhaps hunting, or just gentle hiking in the woods, enjoying the sights and sounds of the forest, Súr has just about everything your heart can desire. We want to show you our village, and allow you to persoanlly experience our hospitality.

Check out our website on "Galery- Hungary's most beautifully situated village", and find out for yourself that we did not boast about the beauty of our Súr.



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